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Architect Media Dynasty

Architect Media Dynasty is an independent entertainment company located in California.  It is the ideal entertainment company for new artists to develop their talent from music production to music video to a polished and marketable product. At Architect Media Dynasty we have an in-house digital studio that allows us to focus on the production that is needed. We intend to use the internet as a big part of marketing, promotion and distribution.


Sir Giuliani

As founder of Architect Media Dynasty, Julian Reaves aka “Sir Giuliani”, is a talented music producer. His music production styles range from R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Jazz. He has worked with Mr. Clifford Frelix Jr. of Mo-Mac Entertainment and Co-Owner of Trak Makers Musique with Julian H. Reaves.  Joe L. of Q Music Group, John Jon Robertson of Yab Yum Entertainment. Additionally, he co-produced the song (Victim of your Love) with Joe Love and Marc Nelson from the group Az Yet and Daryl Spencer for MCA Publishing. As well as remixed for the group Ideal, Snoop Dogg, Dan Black, Mickey Factz, Peter Gabriel and Xzibit. Being in the Studio with people like: John Jon Robertson, La & Face, Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men and KC & JOJO of Jodeci, Dalvin DeGate of Jodeci, just to name a few, gave him the knowledge and experience to develop artists.



Architect Media Dynasty

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Julian H. Reaves (Sir Giuliani)


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